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Hotel Vetro

Rates Single/Double $144

  • Long Term Extended Stay Rate (Maximum of 5 long term extended stay rooms per month) $92

Parking $12

Reservations instructions:

  • Reservations must be initiated by a University of Iowa department who is paying for the room.
  • Contact hotel Vetro directly at 319-337-3392 or toll free 800-592-0355

The hotel Vetro requests that all rooms reserved with the UI discount be direct billed to the University of Iowa or be paid on the University Procurement Card. For those using the discount from other Big 10 schools, please have all rooms direct billed to the Big 10 institution which is paying for the room.

For extended stays >31 or more nights are negotiable. 

Contract #: 11478 / Through 12/31/20.

Contact Information: 

Sales Manager, Klaire Wisniewski at 319-248-4406 or Director of Group Sales, Tom Benes at 319-248-4455

Service Name Phone Email
Event Planning or Room Blocks

Laura Hill, Sales Manager (all university departments excluding medical related departments)

Peter Brown, Sales Manager (Medical related departments)



Catering Nata Davis 319.248.4407
Single Guest Room Reservations

Nancy Parks, Group Reservation Coordinator

Amy Kamp, Director of Revenue Management