Monday, August 9, 2021

Purchasing is excited to announce Amazon Business will be available in eBuy on Tuesday August 17th.

eBuy is the University’s preferred procurement method for our contracted vendors.  This system creates an entirely electronic process from procurement to payment, reducing redundant data entry and order process time.  eBuy helps you get what you want, when you need it and faster & easier at University of Iowa’s contract price!

Current users of Amazon Business:

  • Seamless transition to eBuy - just start ordering. Your account has already been transferred along with previous purchase detail.
  • Shipping Address:  Amazon Business punchout will show a shipping address of PCO as designed. You do not need to change.  Your correct ship to code will be inserted when your order is loaded to a requestion.
  • Changes in quantity or line items will need to be made while in the Amazon punchout.Changes to the cart cannot be made when in eBuy or in preqs. Order will be cancelled if changes are made in eBuy.
  • Order history and order status emails go to the originator of the cart. 

New Users:

  • If you have used your email address place a personal orders on the retail , your personal Amazon account will need to be updated to a non @uiowa email address prior to ordering through eBuy.  
  • If you are accessing a non-University Amazon for Business account with you @uiowa email address you will need to de-register their business account prior to ordering through eBuy. 
  • Instructions to assist with these process can be found at including usage guides Amazon user guideAmazon quick tips

University purchases with Amazon will no longer be made through with your procurement card.  All purchase will be made through the eBuy business account.

Questions may be directed to

Or visit the following link for more information about eBuy


Frequently asked questions

Question: Why did I not get an email order confirmation after placing my order? Why do I not see the order in my history? Answer: Order confirmation and history go to the order originator. Therefore if you did not put the item in your cart and someone else did the cancellation would have gone to that person.


Question: Why do I not get notified if my order is cancelled? Answer: Order cancellations go to the order originator. Therefore if you did not put the item in your cart and someone else did the cancellation would have gone to that person.


Question: Ship to information; my order in Amazon states it will ship to  125 S Dubuque St PCO-202, Iowa City, IA 52240 but I would prefer this delivered to my address how do I change it?  Answer: No need to change this ship to address at check out, just click “Deliver to this address”  you will enter your Ship to code in the Preq's system later in the process. 

Note; though this screen states it is the ship to location; the system only needs it for confirming the order. If this address is changed, your order will not process. 


Question: Can departments still buy materials, books, gift cards and such that they have been getting previously on Amazon?  Answer: Yes. Please note that gift cards, digital content and ebooks will need to go through your USS representative as they will be able to assist in this process. These items will need additional work to get ordered with Amazon.


Question: Someone else will now be buying how will that work if they don’t have a pcard? Answer: Any UI employee is able to access eBuy so the users who are not initiators would be able to shop Amazon and at checkout would assign the cart to a pcard/initiator to transfer to a requestion.


Question: Will users be able to look at previous orders on Amazon? Answer: Users will be able to access old order history as this will be the only way to access the Amazon system moving forward.


Question: If an order is not generated to a PO within the 7 days (hasn’t completed through workflow) will whomever created it be notified it’s cancelled?  And if it’s cancelled will it be in the “cancelled orders” section of Amazon?  AnswerIf the PO is finalized in workflow the requester will get an email that it is cancelled after approved.  It will show as cancelled in Amazon punchout. 


Question: as we work through this new model how will items be shipped? UPS does not deliver within SFCH… will the dock folks be doing it?  Answer: The delivery model is the same, this part hasn’t changed and will function as it has in the past.


Question: Will we have to do receiving?  Answer: Receiving would only be required for transactions that fall into the following (generally this is considered a high dollar order or capital equipment mostly)

  • An IACT of 6230, 6231,6231, 6730, 6731 or 6740
  • a PReq total > or equal to $25,000
  • a PReq total > or equal to $10,000 and uses an IACT between 6200-6235


Question:  If you happen to receive “Application Error code 403” upon check out, this may be due to security settings within your browser. Answer: We recommend that the security level is set at standard and ensure that cookies/cache is not deleted upon exit from the browser. 


Question: Looking to purchase an Ebook or Audiobook? Answer: Contact USS Supervisors as they are your campus connection for purchasing these items Users will need to provide the item that they would like purchased as well as names and emails of whom the books will be going to. Please note these books are not for sharing.


Question: Having trouble accessing previous purchases before 8/17/21?  Answer: Log into eBuy then navigate to Amazon. Once in Amazon click under your name and navigate to "Your Account", then "Your Orders". Once here click on order details and either paid by the University or paid by you.