Verizon Contract Changes

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The University’s contract with Verizon will be changing and users have the opportunity to upgrade now and remain on the current contract (10-month upgrade cycle, no cancellation or other equipment fees) for one more year.  The new contract will begin on November 15, 2020 for those who do not, or are unable to, take advantage of this opportunity.  The terms for the new contract have been included below and include a 24-month upgrade cycle and additional fees for cancelling before the end of the cycle.

Verification of upgrade eligibility and/or request of an equipment upgrade can be accessed via the Verizon Business Portal.  The University has several free device options from which you can choose and these can be viewed by selecting upgrade once you are in the Verizon Business Portal.

  • If you know your Verizon Business Portal username and password you can log in and verify your eligibility to request an equipment upgrade.
  • If you do not know your Verizon Business Portal information and/or have never used the Verizon Business Portal, please check with the individual in your department or unit who may manage the Verizon contract for your area.  Often this is the same person who pays the bill for this service on your behalf.  The bills for Verizon charges are most often paid through the Verizon Business Portal.
  • If you, nor anyone in your department or unit, have access to the Verizon Business Portal and cannot successfully reset the password, please send the wireless phone number of your device to Greg Snipes ( to assist with checking your eligibility and/or requesting an equipment upgrade. 

For those of you that currently have a Verizon phone or internet device that you only use periodically and turn off your service in between uses, you should evaluate how old your current device is to see if an upgrade is the right option for you before November 15, 2020.  Please reach out to Greg Snipes ( to discuss this scenario as there may be some solutions available on the new contract for a better plan option.