FLOOD 2013

Charging and Documenting Flood Related Costs

The University is making significant preparations to protect our employees, facilities and programs from flood-related loss or damage. We recognize that these efforts have taken place across various departments on campus. As you will recall from the 2008 Flood, there are very specific requirements for documenting flood-related costs. Costs must be identifiable to a University department and to a University building.

Setting up new WhoKeys

We are asking departments to set up new WhoKeys utilizing the following centrally defined grant-program numbers. We will communicate the creation of additional grant programs for Phases II thru V if necessary.


Grant Program


Type of flood costs to charge


Flood 2013 Phase I -Emergency Protective Measures

This includes resources expended for the purpose of protecting & safeguarding University assets (buildings and infrastructure). These measures are taken before, during, and after a disaster to save lives, protect health & safety, and prevent damage to property. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: sandbagging, provision of shelters, emergency care, security in the disaster area, temporary generators for facilities that provide health and safety services, emergency communications, emergency measures to prevent further damage to a facility (boarding windows and doors), and remediation to stop the spread of mold in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.


Flood 2013 Phase I - Move to Temporary Location

This includes resources expended for the purpose of moving University assets (equipment, inventory, supplies, etc.) from one location to another. These measures are taken before, during, and after the event in an effort to protect University assets and to safeguard against potential loss or property damage. Such activities include costs to relocate employees, departments, or equipment, as well as the supplies (such as packing boxes and tape) and equipment used during the moving process.

To set up new WhoKeys, please email your org’s primary contact in Accounting & Financial Reporting. (http://afr.fo.uiowa.edu/contact-us). Each new WhoKey will be established as follows:

Fund: 275
Org: unique org
Department: unique department
Sub-department: unique sub-department (or 00000)
Grant/Program: one of the above G/P’s listed above
Function: 00

For each new WhoKey that is set up, please remember to assign an Account Owner & Account Reviewer in the WhoKey Administration Application in Self Service.

Emergency Purchase Orders

Emergency flood purchases should be placed on emergency purchase orders, as much as possible and not placed on existing blanket orders. If you have already charged supplies to blanket orders, please set up an emergency purchase order as soon as possible.

Cost Center & Institutional Accounts

It is critical to use the appropriate cost center number designating the specific building for which the costs were incurred. If you incurred costs for general campus locations (not a specific building), please use cost center 0770. If you are incurring costs related to moving from a UI-owned permanent location to a non-UI owned temporary location, always charge the cost center number for the temporary location. If you are incurring costs related to moving from a UI-owned permanent location to another UI-owned location, charge the cost center number for the original UI-owned permanent location. This situation will also require that a unique grant program number be established. This grant program number will be provided to those affected. Finally, it is important to assign costs to the appropriate Institutional Account in order for costs to be properly categorized (e.g., supplies, non-capitalized equipment, capitalized equipment, etc.).

Supporting Documentation

All expenditures charged to a flood WhoKey will be required to be accompanied by the:

Requisition/Supporting Documentation Form for Flood 2013 Expenditures

The form must be attached to the transaction – requisition, e-Voucher or procurement card. A justification form must also be completed for all costs which are CV’d to a flood WhoKey. In this case, the justification form should be emailed to flood2013@uiowa.edu. Purchasing or Risk Management will perform an initial review of the justification to determine if it is an appropriate flood-related expenditure. If not, the requisition or e-voucher claim will be denied and the department will have to record the transaction on a departmental MFK. If it is approved by Purchasing then the expense will be charged to the flood-related WhoKey.

Tracking Flood-Related Labor Hours

We will be sending additional communications in the very near future about how you should track labor related to flood activities.


If you have questions related to charging of flood-related costs, you may send an email to the following email address: flood2013@uiowa.edu. Risk Management, Purchasing, Financial Management/Budget & the Controller’s Office units will work together to respond to questions as promptly as possible. Please pass on this memo to others in your unit as appropriate. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.